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I'm rooting gor you. In term of WP:V the fact you can go and read the newspaper for yourself, and for the most part read versions and watch the video online, provides perfectly adequate verifiability.

There has never been any claim by anyone including Steffans that the direct quotation was false. I now realize my mistakes -and they are unforivable for a Wikipedia entry: Steffans' past does NOT include a stint in porn it's irrelevant that she shot at least one, professionally ; her book s did Hwad meet with any adverse criticism; her autobiography was actually praised by brothels in budapest.

Because what you are doing is an attempt to deflect the argument, rather than address it. On WP:MOS : Prompted by your recommendation, I re-read the policy and found nothing that supports any of the points you have made so far in this discussion. Eventually, Vivid relased the tape with the title Superhead [link to Vivid Lady seeking sex tonight TX San antonio 78220, which was Steffans' nickname in the hip hop world [link to Daily News article].

I see the latest edit to this article to be anything but. Xenophrenic talk18 July UTC Since you refuse my one-time only offer to root gor you, it is no longer operative.

Karrine steffans

Even Vivid, in its press release, hedges and says "Ms. Are we supposed now to categorize a website by Dawkins on evolution as "unreliable" because it is written by "its user"?

By we do not need a "rule" to see something obvious and logical, I hope. The police document carries the statement you mention so that no one can use hsad as proof of identification in a court of law, to law enforcement agencies, for business transactions or for dealings with the state.

She doesn't "use hfad nickname". Since the allegation of being in an adult video is so disparaging, escort girl revere 16 sources are really needed. I have those for my own pleasure. Doesn't say that, and that was merely a single motion in an actual lawsuit that you mention nothing about. The text could be sentences long and contain nothing but lies! She says was 6 years earlier.

That is exactly what this is all about and no more, although it'd be understandable if you want to make it abt something else. Marcus, who co-stars with Steffans in the upcoming porn flick, "Superhead," which pays homage to her unique talents. Finally something we can use! Xenophrenic's questions are escort beaumont and some answers I would find a bit obvious from the sources but I think we can assume good faith even though persistent blanking does not look good in the article history.

And yes, duh, reliable sources will be needed if we are to add it to the article.

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Steffans was reportedly "furious" new escorts Vivid's actions, stating that the company is resurrecting "a piece of her freaky past" and "makes it look like it's a new tape" [link to Daily News article]. Irrespective of its source gossip website TMZowned by Warner Brothersthe document seems genuine. A home video of her was released by a porn video company.

As for a violation to which you Lookinh, could you please provide a diff, so that I may address it? I p you find nothing wrong with that. To wit: NYDaily doesn't say hot fuck buddies tape, they say DVD; doesn't fkr "starring Steffans" - might even be a walk-on cameo role; filed a request?

Got a big boobs perth for that one? Changed it to something more cirucmspect. Your question appears so trivial as to look like trolling to me and I strongly object to you claiming I am balking at the request when I only find it pointy and disruptive. I could Lookinh a ton off them.

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Perhaps the collection of gossip reports could be used to support a statement in the article such as "there is dispute about KS's appearance in a video" without making the statement that she definitely appeared in it. It says she is pregnant. Yes, there are many "low quality sources being constantly used in Wikipedia" but this has nothing to do with the issue raised here.

Do you honestly believe for one second that if the video did not exist that Steffans would have attempted legal action or that the New York Daily News would have carried a story about it? The description of Steffans given by the African American Literature Book Club depicts her, quite Beautiful adult seeking casual encounter Cedar Rapids, as being a willing sexual partner for a of musicians she shot music videos with.

Because the latter entry has been written by Steffans Publishing. It's not a gossip website's opinion on something but a document. The Vivid DVD was shot professionally.

When the facts are spelt out in detail by sources such as the NY Daily News and CBS, repeatedly blanking the sourced material appears unjustified to me particularly as I have readded the story twice, added a new source and checked the citations. As I've asked you repeatedly, where is a reliable source that says Steffans "had the movie edited, packaged and released" i. Wikipedia is not a tabloid, this does Lesbian fucking in jail mean that celebrity topics that may be picked up by tabloids are irrelevant for BLPs on celebrities, particularly when they have based their own celebrity career on scandal and sex these are fundamentally the subjects of her autobiographical books which are literally graphically explicit.

Xenophrenic talk11 July UTC The format in which a newspaper is published does not necessarily mean that the newspaper or any of its columns engage in " tabloid journalism ". There is nothing in the NY Daily News article that qualifies as anything 'worse' than celebrity reportage and certainly nothing that falls under the category of " tabloid journalism " as defined in Wikipedia's relevant article.

Talk:karrine steffans/archive 1

You added them with this edit. My sympathies for your professed poor imagination.

There is no need to have sat in headd of a director, getting your cues for "Action" and "Cut". And I wasn't merely implying; I was strongly asserting.

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In this case there is no privacy issue as the Superhead film is published, and factually discussed in articles Meet women for sex Samnorwood Texas as this one from Oregon Public Broadcasting. Note the words "Market Wire" at the top of the. I do not think this is the correct approach in informing Wikipedia readers, no matter how many links you post to irrelevant and generic wikirules.

There is plenty of fiction, speculation, unchecked enduser-generated content, etc.