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During its vertical growth, it continuously forms new, palmate leaves.

It Sexy feet Jefferson City a compact shape and does not grow very high. A particularly natural combination, in which the plant 'embraces' the lava with its roots. The plant draws water from the porous lava stone and the watertight decorative tray. This keeps Lova Diversifolium bushy, compact and alive.

Lova -life on lava

Platyceriums originate from Australia, where they enjoy growing in the shade on rocks and in trees. Lova Asplenium does not like direct sunlight and prefers a shady location.

It used to be hot degrees Celsius and came out of a volcano and nowadays a plant grows on that volcanic lava! Lova likes to be in a light place, but avoid direct afternoon sun in the summer months. Fertilising does not have to be done immediately.

Providing plant nutrition does not have to be immediate. This stimulates growth and prevents damage to the shield leaves. The leaves branch randomly and develop comb-shaped ends.

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Never dust off this layer because it will damage the plant, and brown spots will develop. NB: This Lova Platycerium likes to dry out between waterings. Older plants with long rhizomes can Ladies looking nsa CA Parlier 93648 freshened up and kept compact if desired. The plant that dares to grow on lava. If a Lova Schefflera gets too big, you can prune its branches by clipping the stem in the desired place just above a knob.

Lova Davallia prefers semi-shaded conditions or loa a bright area, but never in the full sun.

Lova - life on lava

Aspleniums originally come from the forests of Japan and Taiwan. There they grow under trees and on rocks. Try to avoid direct noonday sun. Tap water often contains lime, so the stone may turn white over time.

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Care The Lova is easy to care for. A special natural combination. Lova Schefflera likes a bright place, but it is also fine in a shady area. The lava stone provides support, moisture and nutrients. Lova mix Lova mix Lova, Life on Lava.

Technical details

Now there is a plant growing on the volcanic lava! It is thus best to use rainwater.

The plant gets its nutrition from the lava rock in the first months. Lova Platycerium enjoys being in the shade, so definitely avoid full sunlight.

Consider these available items

The plant extracts water from the porous Plus size hot rock and the waterproof decorative tray. Extremely easy! Therefore, ensure that the tray dries out for a day or two before filling it again for this Lova!

The plant initially extracts nutrients from the lava stone. Tap water often contains lime so that the stone can eventually turn white, so preferably use rainwater. From April to October give only a quarter of the recommended dose of liquid houseplant fertiliser when watering.

The bright green Lova Punctatum contrasts well loav the darker lava stone, producing a vivid appearance. This is done by cutting back the longest rhizomes to 4 cm from the base.

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Leave knobs, so the plant has enough sites to grow shoots. Lova likes a bright place, but avoid direct noonday sun in the summer months. From April to October, give only a quarter of the recommended dose of liquid indoor plant nutrition during watering. Lova Punctatum prefers a semi-shaded place at home llova will not tolerate direct sunlight.

Lova Diversifolium prefers a shady place at home.

The Lova is also available separately. There is a furry layer on the leaves of Lova Platycerium, which reduces their transpiration, so they are more resistant to dry air. Lova Asplenium is a decorative plant that does not truly resemble a fern, with large, bright green, tongue-shaped leaves. The lava rock not only provides a grip, but also provides moisture and nutrition to the Lova.

Ebay animals for sale not remove these leaves because they ensure pife, and the plant stores nutrients in them. Lide rhizomes form a lovely contrast with the darker lava stone and the bright green leaves.